a second day at stone harbor

The next day we just mainly relaxed around the house.... My kids loved sleeping in that place! I don't know if it was the beds, or the loud air conditioning unit... but they slept like rocks and even, dare I say... slept in?! Rhonda and I went for a very difficult and hot run while the kids and men checked on their crab pots. Again. They had donuts and then an early lunch before we left for the beach. 

What is it about the beach that just makes kids eat? All the foods. We stayed at the beach the majority of the day... Oh and we cannot forget the Fudgy Wudgy Man! Apparently they have been around since Matt was a kid... Rhonda made a delicious dinner with shrimp and steak and we ate it over looking the bay. Good dinner views! And then! We took the kids to their first playground since the world shut down.... six months with no (public) playground! Insanity! Oh and then Rhonda and I raced home so I could see the sunset views. You know me and my good sky.