who david is at eight.

For some reason eight doesn’t seem so old to me as other year’s birthdays... possibly because this year his sister is turning double digits and well now that does seem old. But this is about that middle child of mine is it not? The poor middle. Turning eight today. 
We are trying to make it as normal a birthday as we can in these times. He had a friend birthday party yesterday which was something else... and then today is a family party. Our computer being broken and all means I don’t have my typical birthday dvd for people to watch (I’m sure they are most upset by that, David sure is) but I’ll work on it at some point and remedy that should we get a working computer of course...
So who is this David? He doesn’t change too much year to year at this point... Who does? He is so smart and loves to read and know all the facts about all the things. He prefers I Survived books at the moment. He has read the Titanic one twice... for someone who can scare so easily and feel so much he sure picks an odd genre to love. He is very confident in the things he knows, even if what he knows is wrong. He loves math, especially multiplication. He is very sensitive and still loves to give hugs... just not so much if he is around his friends. Whom he loves. He would have invited twenty boys yesterday if I had allowed it. 
He cried after every zoom meeting because he missed his friends, his teacher, his class. He still has night terrors and lately has started informing me he cannot go to sleep at the nice hour of two a.m. He refuses to take melatonin because it is in gummy form. Because he still only eats certain things and gummies are not a thing he eats. His new favorite meal this year is taco night oddly enough. He is doing slightly better but we are not a good eater by any means. 
He loves to play Roblox and Minecraft, potty humor, wrestling with his brother, swimming, Legos, reading and of course anything baseball and or a sport of any kind. His spring season just started this past week and while he was a little unsure upon arrival he had a great time. I think being away from people for so long has affected all kids has it not? For some strange twist of fate we have ourselves an athletic little man. If there is a ball he wants to throw it or dribble it or catch it or whatever and if you come over here and don’t mind doing that rest assured he will relentlessly ask you to do it. He also started texting this year using his iPad and iMessage. Just family at this point. Sorry guys! 
Happy eighth birthday David John! You are the sweetest, most lovable little boy! You can drive us a bit nutty sometimes, mainly during every meal, but you sure make up for it in every other way! You are so smart and funny and question all the things and it will take you so far in life! You handsome young man you! We love you to the moon and back and are so thankful you are ours!