the “finished” pool

I say finished with quotations because we still have so much we want to do out here! Matt is currently building a play set that was started after I took these photos... and we want to make a little patio under the birch for our fire pit and Adirondack chairs... Matt needs to stain the exposed foundation again, yes I see you Mrs. Williams! We did it once but then the concrete guys kinda got stuff on it again but it’s on the list! As I am typing this we moved all our stuff off the patio so it could be sealed and all that so we are just a litany of projects around here. But! We! Have! A! Pool! And we love it and are in it daily! The weather has been super hot and sunny and while I could use some rain over night I mean I shouldn’t complain!!

So here it is. Our favorite place to be right now...

Oh! And at night! What a dream!