some stills from when life started to feel more normal...

Things started to look up. They are still up, up here anyways. We were able to get out and see people... go to restaurants... we stocked up on masks for the kids... Letty plays field hockey with her friends and David plays baseball on the field next door the same night.... drinks with friends while the girls play on a slip and slide...The. Bulls. I went to swim at my brother's because our pool wasn't done... there were fireworks in our development... then we went to swim at my brother-in-law's because, you guessed it, our pool wasn't done. There were outdoor fitness classes available through our gym and I was there for it! I returned all the kid's school stuff.... More Bulls! And then we swam at a friend's house because.... our pool wasn't  done!


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  1. outdoor fitness classes? that is AMAZING. i'm so jealous.
    looks like you guys are able to do lots of fun things and that's awesome. and i bet you're just absolutely loving your pool!


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