fourth of july during covid

Lots of our traditions were missed this year... the parade in Lititz being a huge one. But we still tried our very best! Matt got me some more fresh flowers which I just really love having! My sister and her family and my parents came over for a day of swimming in the very hottest of July weather. We brought out the festive swim suits and the festive drinks and the bomb pops and had ourselves a bit of a barbeque. All the foods! It got a little touch-and-go as we waited for fireworks time... the kids went into the basement to watch Sandlot.. the adults had some coffee in hopes to stay awake... we even watched Fourth fireworks from the Magic Kingdom on youtube. We tried, is what I am saying. We had a few sparklers to go through and that was as one can expect. Fire and children is always a bit nerve wracking. 

And then we walked across the street and up to the baseball diamond to watch some fireworks. And what a show! For an hour and a half they were going off right over our heads... not to mention the two professional displays we could witness from up there and the countless others going off all over the county. Such a view! It really was the very best way to end such a strange Fourth of July!