cherries and pineview!

Oh me and my traditions. I love to pick fruit in the summer. All the fruit. So when the cherries opened up I made it my business to get there as soon as I could! With my mom and niece Lena of course! We had ourselves a picnic lunch at Pineview Dairy followed by ice cream before the picking... usually we do the opposite but it was just how the cherry fell this time. The cows were so tiny and cute and one had a thing for Nonna's shorts which gave us all a giggle.

Then we picked! For my dad, as we do. It's sort of a post-Father's Day tradition. It is always so hot between those trees but it doesn't take us too long to get the job done. Thank heavens! We all got free cherry donuts at the end which was quite the treat!
It felt so good to get back to some sense of normalcy and tradition. Felt almost like a normal summer day!

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