a swim party during a tropical storm

David would have invited every single boy in his entire grade to his friend party if I would have allowed it. But instead I capped him. It had to be done. Ten friends. A total of eleven boys. All in the pool. I was stressed. Then I wake up the morning of to a tropical storm coming our way. David would have been so disappointed if I rescheduled it.... I texted a few of the moms like hey what do you think and everyone agreed boys don’t care about a little rain and in fact it’s more fun that way! We had some ideas for backup plans if need be but nope, the boys had a blast in the rain! 

It was a chaotic three hours of counting heads in between snacks and more snacks. Whilst Matt and Janelle and I hid under umbrellas. They are such a good bunch it wasn’t as bad as I imagined... and I mean no injuries so that’s huge! I think they just all really missed each other and were so happy to be together. It was so cute. Or wait, whatever you call it at this age. 

We went inside eventually for cupcakes and gift opening. That boy of mine got so so so spoiled by his friends I can’t even!! He is such a lucky kid! Thank you to all his friends and their parents for such generosity! The boys wanted to go play video games then which was fine by me as the party end time was nigh. 
We survived!! And most importantly the kids had so much fun!!