we took a boat to assateague

We just love doing that! We load up the pontoon boat with all the crap in all the land and head south to the island of wild horses. Which, in all our visits we have only seen one horse one time. Yet this trip? Well, we saw a ton. So so many. And a baby! And they hung around! But first! Dolphins! A school of them! Also a baby! I mean I can’t even. What a day of days! Dolphins. In. The. Bay. It was like a dream. The photos just don't do it justice but it was one of the coolest things I have ever seen.... I have a thing for dolphins!

But first, I ran. And had the coffee.

We docked our boat and unpacked everything while Matt started to grill lunch... The kids played on tubes and in the sand and we just relaxed until he horses arrived. They were nosing through everyone’s bags in search of food and it was really just so crazy!! Prepare yourself for a whole ton of horse photos! It was such a wild experience!
Then we headed the boat back home and had a lovely evening on their deck hanging out by the bay.... David of course getting a turn at the wheel, as he does.