the last day of “school”

Our computer broke. I’ll blame it on that. I am currently sitting at my old childhood desk that my Poppop made me, using my daughter’s laptop that her Poppop gave her, because that’s just what I have at the moment. I’m honestly finding it hard to focus and get things like blogging done. I sort of forgot about it for awhile... And don’t get me started on the glacial pace of my reading! Not sure what is happening there but reading is definitely taking a hit this pandemic. Reading and blogging.

So the other day I was just looking through photos on my phone and it occurred to me that I never posted about the bigger kid’s last day of school... Or online learning... What have you. Among a whole lot of other things I suppose. So here it is, twenty days late... their last day of school.

So on that final day I made them get dressed up and take photos like I normally would. What a strange school year this has been for them! Starting off normal and all of that and then all of a sudden I’m their teacher and they don’t go anywhere or do anything and they really didn’t learn too much and there is a lot of anxiety and stress and confusion and unanswered questions... It really wasn’t the year anyone wanted now was it? They missed out on so many fun activities and field trips and carnival and field day and and and. It goes on and on... And we are the lucky ones!

Letty had a little work to do, fun stuff of course. David didn’t have anything to do. That was a major point of contention for us with this whole mess. The different expectations between the two grade levels... even between classes within one grade. But I digress.  They both had a final zoom meeting with their class and their teachers.... And then that was it. The end of third and second grade. What a mess!
And yeah I interviewed them. Even though they hadn’t stepped foot in their school since March 13. Me and my traditions.
Who is your best friend at school?
L: Livi, Alexx, Sophie, Sylvie and Baylee and Calla. I have too many to add to that list!
D: Tristan Gabriel Petrosky. 

What was the best part of school?
L: Seeing my friends and teacher. 
D: Math time!

What was your favorite thing this year?
L: Not going to school because of Corona. 
D: Going to gym. 

What will you miss most?
L: My teacher and my friends. 
D: All my friends. 

What are you looking forward to most this summer?
L: Seeing my friends when they come to the pool. 
D: Swimming in our pool. 
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