our memorial day

Our actual Memorial Day started just how everyone wants their day to start.... with a kid throwing up. Which is pretty odd seeing as Dominic doesn't go anywhere. We have been seeing family of course and some close friends but no one we knew was sick. He is an avid hand washer at this point almost to the point of obsessiveness... So this was strange. He spent the morning sleeping it off and then by lunch woke up and asked for food and water guns. So there's that. 

We stayed home from my family's bbq because of that just to be safe... I contend that he drank too much hot tub water at a friend's house the night before, but we shall never know.

So we tried our best. We brought out the water guns and bomb pops... set up the sprinkler and just played outside. Matt, the fun parent that he is, came up with the idea of using old painter drop clothes and making a slip and slide. What a major highlight that was! David requested a formal dining room type dinner and so the kids and I set that all up and Matt grilled and I made mac and cheese. It wasn't the normal Memorial Day... but it was the best we could make of it.