middle creek and fox meadows

Memorial Day weekend is one of my favorite weekends in all the lands. I know what the meaning of the weekend is of course, I just add on to that meaning. It is almost summer... school is almost done.... and I'll have my babies home with my for months on end... oh wait.... 

For some reason it really hit me that weekend... the whole stay-at-home order stuff. More than Easter... more than Mother's Day... So I tried to find things we could still do that are fun and different and well... socially distant. So we drove to Middle Creek to go on a short walk and ended up seeing not one but two snakes and not one but two turtles. Letty was absolutely petrified by the snake in the path and I'm not sure she has entirely recovered even now... But it was good to get some fresh air and see different surroundings.

Then we went to Fox Meadows for ice cream. I ordered online ahead of time and then pulled into a numbered space... which Matt got a kick out of. I texted that number that we were there and ten minutes later we had our ice cream! And delicious it most certainly was!