life lately...

Basically being safe at home (see what I did there?) means that we do a whole lot of eating. All the foods. We are up to day seventy-nine as of the time I am writing this so basically we are into the eighties. So when will I stop counting? I'm not sure. Maybe when our county gets to green? Maybe when I can get my hair  highlighted or go to the gym? Maybe when life feels more normal again? We are getting there though! Life is slowly coming back on and I. Am. Here. For. It.

So what have we been doing lately? Besides eating all the foods and getting all the take out that is? We are still in school... so that is fun isn't it? Although today is their last day and even though I've had my babies home with my for seventy-nine days I am living for not having to do anymore online learning. It has been such a thorn in my side all this time! I mean it is what it is, and I am thankful it is even an option but a home school teacher, or any teacher, I am not. We have been having popsicles at Nonna's. Pizza parades. Kitty cuddles. Ice cream cones. Bathing suit organizing. Meeting a friend's puppy. Foods. Riding bikes on the rail trail. Taco nights. Bathing suit shopping like whoa. Minty adult beverages. Trying to copy salads from our favorite restaurants. Sunsets. Trying to teach division. Pool construction watching. Reading. Celebrating Nonna's birthday! With slushees! School work on the stairs. Cuddles with Dom. More take out. A much needed mom break in the tub. Flowers and bomb pops. Pizza on the patio. Hot tub hangs with friends. SPARKLERS. A sickly Dom. A visit from Letty's Girls on the Run coach. Water gun battle and slip and slides with friends. Pool update. More tacos. Dirt arrival. Pool day at my brother's complete with s'mores. Lunchables. Picking up a gift card for David's teacher and then delivering it. Homemade pasta and sauce. Field hockey on the turf with friends! A broken iWatch and tan lines. More flower purchasing. Cooler as water gun filling station. Garage hangs during the rain. Pizza parade. Celebrating a friend's birthday. With adult friends as well! Swimming with cousins. This should have been the month of pizza... And a 5k!

How are we all handling this? Are we okay?