last day of school traditions

Just because the end of school wasn’t traditional doesn’t mean that we can’t keep traditions alive!  Or try too. Normally when the kids get off the bus in our development the parents are ready and waiting with water guns and water balloons. The kids get soaked! Etc. Since there was obviously no bus this year I posted to our development’s facebook page that we should all meet by the basketball courts and come fully armed. 

We had a pretty good turnout! What I wasn’t expecting was that the kids would commandeer the guns and then the parents would become the victims. Rude. 

After we all dried off and changed we started decorating the van for the reverse parade. This of course is not tradition but I love it just the same. All the staff and teachers parked their cars in the parking lot and we all got to drive through and wave and say our goodbyes for the summer. Surprisingly I didn’t cry like I thought I would.... it was so nice to see everyone and I just really love their school! And thankful for small miracles with no tears!
Then we headed to Sons for our last day of school ice cream! With friends! 
And then some kind friends let us swim in their pool. They now how much we missed having one and we need our dose of water!
And now it’s summer! And soooooo different from the day before. Dripping in sarcasm of course.