the kid’s first restaurant since march

We all had too much sun the day before to do any sort of outdoor hanging on our last day at the beach. Which stunk. I really like to enjoy all the beach I can when we are down there... but alas. One must be smart. The wind was still pretty cold though so I don’t feel too awful about that.... Case in point: how I found Matt that morning... bundled up on the deck.

the beach!

We are early risers. Really early... It is actually a bit unfortunate. But at the beach that means we get prime real estate. Socially distant and all of that. The water was a bit rough and had quite the undertow so it wasn’t ideal boogie boarding conditions... Sand castles were made. Holes were dug. I read.  We didn’t realize just how bad the uv strength was until much much later because it was almost a bit chilly with the wind and I dealt with those repercussions for quite a long time. Lesson learned. But it was a solid day with our feet in the sand and the sounds of waves in our ears...

we took a boat to assateague

We just love doing that! We load up the pontoon boat with all the crap in all the land and head south to the island of wild horses. Which, in all our visits we have only seen one horse one time. Yet this trip? Well, we saw a ton. So so many. And a baby! And they hung around! But first! Dolphins! A school of them! Also a baby! I mean I can’t even. What a day of days! Dolphins. In. The. Bay. It was like a dream. The photos just don't do it justice but it was one of the coolest things I have ever seen.... I have a thing for dolphins!

But first, I ran. And had the coffee.

we got the heck out of dodge

And went to Ocean City! We go here every June to watch the air show which, of course, was cancelled. But Matt’s aunt and uncle still wanted us to come down and we were just so thrilled! A different four walls! The water! The ocean! So excited!

The first day we got down there it wasn’t the warmest so we just hung out in their house and set up the crab pots and the kids used nets in the bay dragging up all sorts of wildlife. We cooked and cleaned up dinner... just relaxed. And most importantly, we were not in our home. I repeat: Not. In. Our. Home.

a niece! again!

Most people didn't even know my sister was pregnant.... but she was, of course! And so I want to welcome to the world (a few weeks late) Tenley Rose! You are perfect and the sweetest, most chill baby of all the times! Everyone is doing just marvelously and just enjoying all the baby cuddles! To have a light in the midst of all this mess is such a precious thing! Tenley you are so very loved already!

last day of school traditions

Just because the end of school wasn’t traditional doesn’t mean that we can’t keep traditions alive!  Or try too. Normally when the kids get off the bus in our development the parents are ready and waiting with water guns and water balloons. The kids get soaked! Etc. Since there was obviously no bus this year I posted to our development’s facebook page that we should all meet by the basketball courts and come fully armed. 

We had a pretty good turnout! What I wasn’t expecting was that the kids would commandeer the guns and then the parents would become the victims. Rude. 

the last day of “school”

Our computer broke. I’ll blame it on that. I am currently sitting at my old childhood desk that my Poppop made me, using my daughter’s laptop that her Poppop gave her, because that’s just what I have at the moment. I’m honestly finding it hard to focus and get things like blogging done. I sort of forgot about it for awhile... And don’t get me started on the glacial pace of my reading! Not sure what is happening there but reading is definitely taking a hit this pandemic. Reading and blogging.

So the other day I was just looking through photos on my phone and it occurred to me that I never posted about the bigger kid’s last day of school... Or online learning... What have you. Among a whole lot of other things I suppose. So here it is, twenty days late... their last day of school.

So on that final day I made them get dressed up and take photos like I normally would. What a strange school year this has been for them! Starting off normal and all of that and then all of a sudden I’m their teacher and they don’t go anywhere or do anything and they really didn’t learn too much and there is a lot of anxiety and stress and confusion and unanswered questions... It really wasn’t the year anyone wanted now was it? They missed out on so many fun activities and field trips and carnival and field day and and and. It goes on and on... And we are the lucky ones!

life lately...

Basically being safe at home (see what I did there?) means that we do a whole lot of eating. All the foods. We are up to day seventy-nine as of the time I am writing this so basically we are into the eighties. So when will I stop counting? I'm not sure. Maybe when our county gets to green? Maybe when I can get my hair  highlighted or go to the gym? Maybe when life feels more normal again? We are getting there though! Life is slowly coming back on and I. Am. Here. For. It.

So what have we been doing lately? Besides eating all the foods and getting all the take out that is? We are still in school... so that is fun isn't it? Although today is their last day and even though I've had my babies home with my for seventy-nine days I am living for not having to do anymore online learning. It has been such a thorn in my side all this time! I mean it is what it is, and I am thankful it is even an option but a home school teacher, or any teacher, I am not. We have been having popsicles at Nonna's. Pizza parades. Kitty cuddles. Ice cream cones. Bathing suit organizing. Meeting a friend's puppy. Foods. Riding bikes on the rail trail. Taco nights. Bathing suit shopping like whoa. Minty adult beverages. Trying to copy salads from our favorite restaurants. Sunsets. Trying to teach division. Pool construction watching. Reading. Celebrating Nonna's birthday! With slushees! School work on the stairs. Cuddles with Dom. More take out. A much needed mom break in the tub. Flowers and bomb pops. Pizza on the patio. Hot tub hangs with friends. SPARKLERS. A sickly Dom. A visit from Letty's Girls on the Run coach. Water gun battle and slip and slides with friends. Pool update. More tacos. Dirt arrival. Pool day at my brother's complete with s'mores. Lunchables. Picking up a gift card for David's teacher and then delivering it. Homemade pasta and sauce. Field hockey on the turf with friends! A broken iWatch and tan lines. More flower purchasing. Cooler as water gun filling station. Garage hangs during the rain. Pizza parade. Celebrating a friend's birthday. With adult friends as well! Swimming with cousins. This should have been the month of pizza... And a 5k!

our memorial day

Our actual Memorial Day started just how everyone wants their day to start.... with a kid throwing up. Which is pretty odd seeing as Dominic doesn't go anywhere. We have been seeing family of course and some close friends but no one we knew was sick. He is an avid hand washer at this point almost to the point of obsessiveness... So this was strange. He spent the morning sleeping it off and then by lunch woke up and asked for food and water guns. So there's that. 

We stayed home from my family's bbq because of that just to be safe... I contend that he drank too much hot tub water at a friend's house the night before, but we shall never know.

So we tried our best. We brought out the water guns and bomb pops... set up the sprinkler and just played outside. Matt, the fun parent that he is, came up with the idea of using old painter drop clothes and making a slip and slide. What a major highlight that was! David requested a formal dining room type dinner and so the kids and I set that all up and Matt grilled and I made mac and cheese. It wasn't the normal Memorial Day... but it was the best we could make of it.

silver mines and a treasure hunt

Next up on the lets not let mom get depressed during a holiday weekend trip, Silver Mines. Our neighbor had taken her kids there and recommended it. There is a short hike, some mines and caves to explore... and then of course the hidden treasure. Uncharted Lancaster hid some gems under a bridge and after the kids discovered them they each got to take one  home! This made it the best day ever. Officially. Until mom or dad committed some minor infraction in which case the day quickly became the worst day ever. But either way I thought it was fun and special. We will definitely be checking out more adventures from them!

After we got the gems and sanitized them of course we went to a nearby park where Matt grilled up some burgers and hot dogs. Just living the dream, these Olsen kids!

middle creek and fox meadows

Memorial Day weekend is one of my favorite weekends in all the lands. I know what the meaning of the weekend is of course, I just add on to that meaning. It is almost summer... school is almost done.... and I'll have my babies home with my for months on end... oh wait.... 

For some reason it really hit me that weekend... the whole stay-at-home order stuff. More than Easter... more than Mother's Day... So I tried to find things we could still do that are fun and different and well... socially distant. So we drove to Middle Creek to go on a short walk and ended up seeing not one but two snakes and not one but two turtles. Letty was absolutely petrified by the snake in the path and I'm not sure she has entirely recovered even now... But it was good to get some fresh air and see different surroundings.