our socially distant mother’s day

It sure feels a bit weird to be dusting off this little space with an update... it has been almost a month after all, which has never happened once in the six (?!) years since I started blogging.... And then our personal computer decided to just tap out a few weeks ago so I am using my daughter's laptop newly refurbished by my dad.... big things happening. But then not. Life is a bit like a hamster wheel these days. We wake up. Fold laundry. Empty dishes. Have coffee. Set up the kid's schoolwork for the day.... work out. Shower. Chores. Check their work to be sure they are doing what they should be doing and helping Letty with all the stuff she needs help with... And then hopefully getting outside for a few hours before showers, dinner and a movie. That is about it. Oh and maybe sprinkle in a half a dozen zoom calls. And I am just so very tired of it. 

So last Sunday was Mother's Day. Matt woke me up at a reasonable hour (one good thing to come out of quarantine... my kids now stay peacefully in their rooms until 7 am at which point they ninja their way downstairs where they then play quietly with their iPads) with coffee and thin pancakes and some homemade cards from the kids... as well as a totally applicable t-shirt to remember the times... He did all the things for me as he tends to do... We spent most of the day just hanging out within these four walls.... what else is there these days? 

Normally my entire family all goes out to eat. Eating all the things. But these are not normal times. My parents had been toying around with the idea of attempting a socially distant dinner. So. My parent's basement dining room tables were moved out to the garage courtesy of Matt and my brother-in-law and each family had their own table. We ordered take out from an Italian restaurant that my older brother picked up. And it worked. It was not perfect and it wasn't the same. But it was something and far better than nothing. How I long to hug my nieces and nephews....to kiss their cheeks as they push to get away from me (I'm looking at you Harrison)... to awkwardly hug my parents. I may hang on them for awhile if I'm being honest. So get ready people... when I'm finally "allowed" to I shall awkward hug the crap out of the lot of you.
Happy (belated) Mother's Day to all kinds of moms out there! And oh you three that call me mama.... all! the! freaking! time!!! You three that follow me into the bathroom.... You three that I have not had more than an hour apart from in sixty-some days... you three loud little creatures.... I love you. To the moon and back. You are my greatest gift and my biggest joy. Ya big pains in the butt you.

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