our easter

This Easter was nothing like the last. Last Easter involved runs along the beach and a sunrise... a beautiful beach day and an amazing Italian dinner... Oh did I forget to mention we were surrounded by family? Well. It was the best. And Florida. I digress. Needless to say, this year was different in just about every single way it could be. 

But I wanted to make it as much as I could. We started our day with baskets of course. After the seven am wake up call. The kids unfortunately were gifted with a whole lot of stuff for our pool. The pool that is not being installed for who knows how long. So salt in the wound Easter Bunny. Salt in the wound. But they were excited none the less. Slides! Goggles! They got mostly things they needed or could use anyways... A new hoodie and baseball shades for David... Pajamas for Dom and Letty got new shin guards for hockey. I'm so fun.

We also had a giant Zoom meeting with as many of my dad's side of the family as we could muster  up. There was something like 12 screens going simultanously and I'm sure you can imagine how loud and chaotic it was. But so fun! Then I made everyone get all dressed in their Easter best for a delicious dinner whipped up by who else but Matt. He make spaghetti and meatballs... garlic knots and a napoleon for dessert. The kids watched Peter Rabbit while he was doing all of that... and all I did was force people into uncomfortable clothes and set the table as fancy as I could. I tried to make it nice!

Everyone was happy to go back to our quarantine finest as soon as dinner was over. But yeah. So Happy Easter!

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