annual easter egg day

In an effort to keep things as normal as possible I really tried to keep traditions alive for the holiday as much as I could. One of those traditions being dyeing Easter eggs. And for the first time in my life, I did them without my family. Which probably weighed more on me than it should have. But I am a traditions-type of girl. And a love-my-family-a-whole-lot-type of girl. But the show must go on! Coronavirus or not!

I just had your basic dye kit for the eggs that I had added to a grocery order the week before, thank God for order pick-up am I right? I didn't even bother blowing the eggs like we usually do... Hard boiled it was! And we didn't do a ton because well: COVID and all that. Save the eggs! 

We FaceTimed Nonna so she got to  join in on the fun for a little bit... not the same! She gave the kids the idea of using white crayons to write or make designs on the eggs so... That Nonna! She is so wise! The kids actually took their time which was quite surprising. Once the eggs were dry then they painted them with some shimmery paint that came with the kit. And then off they were to play while I was left to clean up the mess. Despite the circumstances I think it was a great success!

And boy oh boy did the kids miss their cousins! And I missed having a glass of red wine during the experience like I usually do...

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