and on the 28th day...

I wrote this blog post. So there is that.

Our days have been blurring together as I am sure they are for most of you.... we take care of ourselves and the day-to-day chores... Anyone else doing an inordinate amount of dishes? We started online learning at some point in the past week and a half and that had some things that needed to be figured out but we are all learning what the new normal is here. I can't thank my kid's teachers enough they are working so hard to make sure there are things available for them to do online....  My kids still need quite a lot of hand-holding and I'm sure next week once the work starts getting "counted" they will need even more. But it is okay! We will get through this! One day at a time! Letty starts online tutoring next week and I am beyond thrilled about that! Someone else (who actually knows what they are doing) take the wheel and help that girl! I still try and get my work outs in even though finding motivation is hard. But I'm always glad I do! The kids make messes and then clean said messes. There is yelling and wrestling and time outs.... And of course giggles.

We take walks every day the weather allows... Dom can even do the entire development loop (1.4 miles) now without crying or being carried, so that feels like a major accomplishment. A few times a week I drive the kids over to my parents where they can ride their scooters with no worry really of getting hit by a car. We decided to shave the boy's heads hoping that by the time this is all over it will have grown back in enough for their typical cuts. I got a little sunburned this week on a gorgeous day that was all too fleeting.... The kids get super dirty each and every single day so when we pull them insides for showers it is a necessity. Then we eat! Always with the eating. We have been getting take out a few times a week which is always a highlight! And then we end our nights watching a movie. We have been loving all things DisneyNature right now... And of course in between all of that there are a lot of Zoom meetings and FaceTime calls with friends, family and teachers.

So it is a wake up and repeat sort of thing around here. But we are staying away from people and we are staying safe... and trying to stay sane... so.