a socially distant egg hunt

Other than this year (or the one Easter where we were sick) we spend our Easter doing a family egg hunt. The kids, that is. So to have to do an egg hunt without our cousins and without my parents being able to watch was very upsetting. For us all. So my sister got the idea of doing egg hunt shifts at my parent's house. We bring our own eggs that we stuffed ourselves and hide the eggs outside and my parents can watch the festivities at a very socially distant and responsible distance. It wasn't ideal. But it was better than nothing.

We took a "shift" on Saturday. It was a bit cold but at least the sun was shining! Letty and I hid the boy's eggs and then she hid in the van while I hid her's. We go youngest to eldest in our family... not sure why that tradition started but it has been the way it has been done for as long as I can remember. Dominic had the backyard... David had the driveway with all of Pop's scattered vehicles about... and Letty gets the front walkway and porch area. They found the eggs. They ate the candy. And then they played for a bit before we headed on home to our four walls. It was a forlorn sort of festivities. But we make the most of what we can!

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