twenty-four hours at great wolf lodge. part ii.

I'm quite certain the staff and other patrons of the restaurant were not at all sad to see our group leave. We are all quite loud. Letteria especially. The waitress was particularly nice about it and assured me they are used to it but I mean still. So. Loud. Lots of excitement, I get it. So we headed back to the hotel and the kids changed into pajamas for their lobby dance party. Which went on for forty-five minutes. Those girls dancing must get so tired! Letty, Sylvie and Baylee were the last three dancing and they made it the entire time. We all ended up back in our room and just the kids hang out and watch tv and eat all the popcorn they wanted until it was time for bed.
Annnnnd day two was more of the same! Us Olsens all slept in (late for us) till about 8... all our coffee cups had been used the night before for popcorn so Matt left to get us Dunkin. Which took forever so by the time I had my caffeine in me it was too late for me to run. Gasp! I know. We were at the water park at opening and the kids were off once more! They rode slide after slide after slide and how they climb all those stairs over and over without passing out is beyond me! I'm so glad Toniel's phone fit into my water proof bag thing and she was able to grab some videos and photos of the kids! By the time lunch came around we (adults) were all shot! Not to mention it was like either stay till after dinner or leave mid-afternoon due to traffic concerns. We decided on mid-afternoon because like I said: exhausted.
This trip was just soooo much fun and the kids (and adults) made so many great memories! Such a great group of girls (and their mamas/daddys!). Will we do this again? Most likely. Most. Likely. And hey! The more the merrier!