twenty-four hours at great wolf lodge. part i.

The kids had an odd half day last Thursday and no school on Friday which as you know I need to fill up with all the things... We had done this two years ago, sneaking them off to Great Wolf Lodge all under the ruse of "daddy has a claim far away here is your iPad." They still talk about that trip all the time so way back in November while looking at the kid's school calendars we decided to book another one night stay there. And not tell them. 
Fast forward to January and this one night away has turned into a whole lot of friends going that night also. As in, a total of fourteen of us. Eight kids. Six adults. Outnumbered...we were. Five girls. Three boys. And a partridge in a pear tree. And can we just have a moment of silence for the travesty that I got zero photos of the entire group... or even just the moms?! Who am I?!
Moving on. We got there a little before two. As I was waiting to turn into the lodge (which if you have your GPS on best lower that volume before she says "Turn left onto Great Wolf Lodge Drive.") Letty looks over and goes hey! That kind of looks like Great Wolf Lodge! And then there was a whole lot of squealing and what?! and oh my! happening... We checked in (our room wasn't ready yet and those bathrooms in the water park are frightening) and changed into our suits before heading into the water park. We commandeered a table and then waited for the next surprises. I basically spent this time texting all the other moms to figure out where they were and to let them know where we were, etc. All while trying to time it so that my kids were at least near our table when they arrived... It was all quite difficult and stressful. But so worth it. 

Livi arrived first and it was so cute - the hugs! As if they weren't juuuusssst on the bus a few hours earlier you know? We had maybe another hour before the other kids arrived, and they had conveniently found themselves together in the check-in line... so they at least arrived together. With lots more squeals and hugs and what?!? Letty was so appreciative and said we are the best parents ever. Which she honestly never says so. I'll take it!
This is where I got way out of my comfort zone. I actually *gulp* let my children go off with their friends. As in, out of my eye site. Not Dominic of course. Matt stayed on Dom duty as the Fun Parent and all of that. But the bigger kids? As long as they stuck together and came back to check in with us at the table after every slide or attraction they were off. The boys had some issues staying together but over all it was fine. I'm fine. We're all fine. When our rooms were all ready the moms took turns running out to the car with our carts to schlep all our crap in. The amount of crap I require is astounding. Our room had a better view than lat year... as in, not a parking lot. 
After we were suitable chlorinated we decided to shower and then head off property for dinner at Barley Creek Brewing Company. We stuck the kids at one end of the table and the adults at the other. The food there was so good! I got a burger called The Mountain and yes, I ate every last bite of it. And the fries. I was stuffed.

This post got quite long so, more tomorrow!