it's greased lightning!

Ever since Letty was two her Uncle T has taken her to see his school's musical performance... minus a year or two when the shows just weren't good for her... And this year he opened it up to my mom and nieces and sisters so we made a whole girl's night out of it! And the show was Grease... Which made me a little nervous. I tried to have Letty watch the movie with me over the summer and was quickly shown  how not a movie for kids that is... I guess when I was little it was either so far over my head or so heavily edited that I didn't notice? Regardless, I trusted that a high school rendition would be quite PG. And it was. So. We good.

The girls got to see their uncle's office and of course we had to pretend that they were in trouble a bit.... All in good fun! The show was really good too! Especially that Danny! I'm always so impressed  by the level of talent these kids have! They just nail it every time.

Thanks so much Uncle T for treating us all! These ladies are so lucky! 

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