a much belated valentine's day

I was just scrolling through my iPhone photos last night and I realized I had never posted anything about Valentine's Day... Probably because this happened the very next day and I just plum forgot what I had done the day before so.... Here I am. A few weeks late. Better late than never as they say...
The kids had off school on Valentine's Day so you know I just had to do something fun to celebrate. Typically we always celebrate this holiday with our neighbors... and have since forever. This year the starts just did not align which happens....Enter my friend Toniel (and her two girls) who is one of the same mind and between the two of us these kids had quite the festive day off! She brought over a fun craft/dessert and all the cute heart-shaped snacks.... Matt made heart-shaped pizzas... and there was just an afternoon of lots of squealing and giggles. 

Then we headed over to my parent's house for a super romantica night of a dinner with the entire family! Which if you know me is just the way I like it. All the cousins and all the noise!
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