so what's new with you?

I haven't done one of these since November...Because well, the holidays. And then January came around and that month is just so blah is it not? And it lasted longer than all of the fall and holiday months combined. At least that's how it felt to me and a ton of other people on Instagram.... And now here we are... already almost a week in to the month. Let us just all agree that the first three months of the year are the absolute worst months of the year and I don't care if they just go by in a blink. Unless I lived somewhere with palm trees and that gorgeous tropical water I love so much. Then they would be fine, I'm sure.
January was the start back of all the things. Basketball twice a week, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, church... even baseball came back with a twice-a-week vengeance. I have like one free Saturday this month before Letty starts up with field hockey again... and of course there is the tutoring and the school volunteering and the cookie selling and just you know, everyday life. So we have been putting our heads down and just getting things done day by day. It's a process. I was also really sick for like... ten days. So that didn't help. Letty got something similar but she was only down for three days thank heavens and meanwhile we are just disinfecting all the things around here and throwing probiotics in our water like its candy in hopes no one else succumbs.

Kid update! We have taken to bribing Letty to stop whining about tutoring (fifty cents per session with no whining) and it's actually working where logic and reasoning did not! Hooray! She is saving all her money for this gorgeous Anna doll dress that a friend found at a local boutique... I'm thinking it won't take her long now!

We were watching the cruise dvd I made with all the videos we took on our most recent vacation and David sat there just sobbing because he wanted to go back... And please mommy please don't let me see the ending song where the staff sings "Leaving on a Fun Ship" because it's too much! So that's where we are at with him. My sensitive little boy. 

Dominic is officially registered for kindergarten and if the whole process hadn't been highly annoying it would have been highly emotional for me. Six questions that all pertained to language. English. Six. Times. And tantrums? Disagreeable nature? Shy? Well I mean sure, sometimes he can be any of those things... they are not yes or no questions am I right? I rolled the dice on those. They'll find out soon enough.

Oh and we decided to seriously limit the kid's screen time and it may be the death of us. Send help! Or suggestions!

And Nera! The little naughty thing! If kittens could be bipolar I would bet she would have such a diagnosis. She can go from cuddling and sleeping on you to biting you in the flick of a tail. She refuses to acknowledge that the counter and tables are off limits. And she lovvvveeeees to bite. She eats all the foods like a dog and begs just like one too... We have to put her away when Matt cooks because she is just underfoot crying for food. And then there is the whole four a.m. wake up call with her catnip taco... that she talks to! Talks/cries. It's something to hear. Anyways.  She makes up for all of the above with the night time cuddles. And she's lucky she's cute.

I've read five books already this year so I'm on track! I'm waiting for a bunch to come in to the library and then I'll be off! I also recently discovered TikTok and while I'm not quite sure what the hell is going on I find it incredibly addicting. Another fabulous time waster to be sure. And speaking of time wasters new to me Instagram accounts I've followed recently: Dikla, Marie & Jake, and The Trayer Tribe.

So what's up with all of you? Everyone surviving and perhaps even thriving?

As always thanks to Kristen for hosting this link up!
What's New With You