my niece turned two!

A few weeks ago (ish) the littlest little niece on my side of the family (for now, wink wink) turned two! And we all got together over the weekend to celebrate her! She had an ear infection again but that didn't stop her from playing and eating and opening all the gifts. As always my sister-in-law has all the theme on point, Valentine's Day this year, as it were.

I am also going to need a new phone. The portrait mode just is not what it once was.

Ashley made Audrey's beautiful cake and while it was delicious mylanta was it filling! Even I, the lover of cake, could not finish an entire piece. So, well done. I joked she threw protein powder in the dough.... But looks like we have moved on from bakeries to home made in the family! Look at us go!
Unfortunately she wanted absolutely nothing to do with the whole... get a photo with each individual family thing that I make all the kids do... which I get, Aud knows her own mind! So anyways, Audrey girl... we love you so much and hope you had the very best of days! Your laugh can light up a room and you are tough as nails. Which I love about you! 

But if you could cuddle more with me I would appreciate it thankssomuch.

Annnnnd Audrey's first!