as the saying goes, let us skate!

Or something like that.

David's Cub Scout Troop did this last year, and as the hobbit-footed husband of mine could no longer skate I was the one to take him to the event. This year though it moved from the old arena to the actual Giant Center. Like where the Hershey Bears play.... Which if you are not local means jack squat to you I am sure unless you know that the Bears are the farm team for the Washington Capitals. I know a little bit of hockey lingo... I know, shocking. But! This is also where we always go to see Disney on Ice so... didn't I feel special?

He was insistent that he would not need my hand this year. Which surprise surprise, he did! Eventually he allowed me to help him a little but it still was slow going for awhile. There was a lot of oh hey mom can I do a lap on my own and such. I guess he may be too cool for me anymore? And I really try to be the cool mom so come on David, give me some credit! He thought the penalty box was the ballot box which was the cutest thing ever. And eventually after a few new blisters and a few falls he decided he was ready to head home. And I got him a Frosty for not making me stay the entire two hours because mama forgot to wear long socks and she had quite a few new blisters herself. Rookie move Olsen. Rookie move.

And then we went home and watched Mighty Ducks.... quack.... quack... quack...

And David lost that front snaggle tooth as well.

And and and... blogging like it's 2019 with these daily posts... will it last? Who is to say!