we went on a cruise!

Oh how I loathe to be back. Back to school. Back to the routines. Back to the cold. Back to reality. My kids have been off of school for two weeks so... pray for us this morning as they go right back into real life (rude). Especially the day after a vacation. Especially the day after a vacation after Christmas! It's all too much to bear!
But we did cruise. And we left a week ago yesterday. We left from Baltimore in a fancy pants party bus (all of this courtesy of my parents, obviously). We were stocked up on the important things, mainly iPads and bottles of vodka I mean wine... The weather was particularly gloomy... rain and chilly. You couldn't get me away fast enough! We have left this port once before...and coincidentally on the very same ship, just a few years past. This time though there were no last minute changes north... We were headed south, thank heavens, to the Bahamas.
We got on board pretty easily now that we are Platinum Status. Which basically means that we have cruised with Carnival Cruise Lines for 75 days or more (I am at 81 days at sea after this cruise)... This felt kind of baller actually. We got priority boarding and debarkation which was pretty huge. And our bags were delivered to our rooms with Priority. Capital P. Not to mention a slew of other benefits I'm sure I'll mention later. 

Anyways so we got on the ship and went straight to Guy's burger joint. I won't tell you how many of his burgers I had last week (don't judge me, cough, two a day, cough).... but that is just where we all started. We of course had the muster station drill which thank goodness due to the weather was indoors... a first for us! This cruise we were also joined by my aunt and uncle and their two boys! The first time they have cruised with us since I was in high school! As we love to do on cruises we all got ready for our first sit-down dinner, a must! With all the good foods!
The ship was still all decorated for Christmas and even had their very own star and 2019 light up sign... as this was a New Year's cruise! More to come of course this week! And I feel that it should go without saying on our trips but these photos could be my sister-in-law’s or my sisters... or mine! We share all the photos. All the times.