our time on princess cay!

Princess Cay is on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas. Try pronouncing that name huh? We ended up botching it and calling it uretha all day. Which is silly. It's such a beautiful island! You tender right off the boat and there are chairs all set up and a bar and food and it's just all prepared for a perfect day of beachy fun! Unfortunately my niece's health had taken a turn for the sick over the night so my brother and his family stayed on board. For the entirety of the cruise. Sick kids on vacation is no beauno! The rest of us headed out with our priority tender time which was just super! These platinum perks just keep on coming!

We spent the day doing what one might expect... We swam. Matt and David snorkeled. A lot. We explored the island. We had lunch and the kids built sand castles. Harrison looked especially dapper in his sunglasses. The norm! My aunt and uncle and their kids eventually made their way to us as well. The kids made a pile of rocks and Letty found herself quite the pretty part of a shell which she somehow lost but at least I got a photo first! We hung out till we were nice and toasty. Or toasted? You decide... And do I even need to say it again about how I feel about this color water and the palm trees? And the two together along with my family? It's my happy place. The end.

Back on board we went back to our beloved balcony! We reconvened with my brother long enough to know they would not be coming to dinner either.. and then we went there ourselves. After looking at the sunset. And then the show! We have ourselves quite the successful evening recipe on board and it just works for us!