our second fun day at sea

Now this was more like it! The sun showed off... The kids slept really well... Alright alright so I spent the week sharing a twin bed with Dominic but I mean he's a good cuddle buddy and these days are fleeting so, moving on. And most importantly? It. Was. Warm. After first breakfast and then you know, second breakfast, the kids headed once more to the pool! And then immediately to mini golf. I hate watching my kids mini golf. It's sort of the worst. They always rush ahead. They are just awful at it. It's no fun. I'm sorry but... I said it. Thankfully we had the water slides and park area to get them away from the clubs....

The water slides! Historically on cruises we  have not had the best success with this area. It's either too busy or too windy. In fact I think my kids have only gone down the slides like once in all these years. So this was perfect! We were basically the only people using it. The yellow slide was the most popular as the green went over the ship. It also was one of those deals where you stand on the floor and then it literally drops out from under you. Matt and Colton did that one while the rest of us just watched. Poor Harrison and Audrey can't use any of the water areas on the ship due to the fact they still use diapers. They were such champs about it though!
We all cooked up this plan to give all the kids an early lunch and then put them into camp. That way they could enjoy more time there and we could actually enjoy our lunch without having to frantically find them food and then scoff it down ourselves.... So we had ourselves a little picnic on the lounge chairs we staked a claim on like in the New World. We claim these for Trovatos! The kids went to camp as soon as they finished eating and then the adults took to sun soaking and book reading. And maybe some shenanigans with ice cubes. Plus: food! Those burgers man. I miss them!
We got the kids from camp because we figured they would probably need second lunch by now... That's the theme of the week. Eating all the foods. The room steward had set up the little towel creature with all of the New Year's Eve paraphernalia which made the kids quite excited! We hung out more on the balcony and let the little ones nap before preparing for the first formal night as well as all things festive to ring out 2019!
Nobody mess with Aud.