our rocky and rainy first "fun day at sea"

That's what they call it. They as in Carnival. A Fun Day at Sea. And it normally is! They are kind of the best! Laying out and baking in the sun... taking multiple breaks for all the foods. All the drinks. Reading. That sort of thing. And since my kids are over the age of two that also means they can go to Camp Ocean and play with their peers.... 
Unfortunately our first Fun Day at Sea was probably one of the roughest days we have experienced in all of our cruising days. I think I can safely say that everyone was feeling the affects of the choppy waves... my poor niece and my aunt actually got sick....One recovered quicker than the other unfortunately. And yet the day had started off so nice! There was a gorgeous sunrise.... We had breakfast delivered to the room so that they kids could eat while I ran...Sure it was cold and we had to wear pants and sweatshirts... not ideal. But there was potential. 

When ten o'clock rolled around we all took the kids to Camp Ocean. The triplets and Harrison in one room, David in another, and Letty in another, all based on their ages. The line to get the kids in there was wrapped far down the hall and it was just so hot down there on deck four! Not to mention it is in the front of the ship so there we all are swaying back and forth waiting in a line in the heat for something like forty minutes. It did not help aforementioned stomach issues. But we tried to make the best of it! I figured the best remedy for feeling "off" was a vodka tonic and lime with a side of carbs and that did the trick! We went to the Serenity Bar which is adults only and just sort of hid out from the rain for awhile. 
We got the kids out of camp for lunch and with the rain stopping and the temperature rising into the seventies the kids wanted to swim. The crazies. There is one pool that can be made completely indoors or outdoors and they had it sort of like three quarters of the way indoors. So that worked. It doesn't take much for my kids to get their butts into the pool. Even if the water was rocking in and out of the pool. Then there was naps and balcony hangs and binocular using and wave watching before we all got dressed up again for dinner. Isn't my sister-in-law's new phone the best? I need one. Like, yesterday. After dinner we headed over to watch the show. Singing and dancing and the kids just eat that right on up. 
I wish I could say that the rest of the cruise would bring health and wellness for all... but that would be a lie... How's that for a cliffhanger?