our new year's eve!

This was also the first formal night of the cruise. I love dressing up on cruises. That's the only place I enjoy it I think. And it was extra special because it was a holiday! Which incidentally, I hope you had a really awesome one! I felt like I was channeling my grandmother this night. The pleats in the skirt of my dress, the peep toe shoes, and of course her very own beaded clutch! I'm sure she would not have been imbibing on New Year's Eve but still. The girls wore their matching dresses and Harrison looked so stinking cute in his top hat! He even gave me multiple kisses this night. That boy. Has. My. Heart.

Of course after dinner it was straight to show time! Letty eats this sort of thing up as we all know. She waited till everyone cleared out of the theater so she could have her photo taken with them. Which of course, they obliged. Then this became a big game of what can we do to occupy the kids in hopes they make it close to midnight? We stumbled upon End Game playing on the big screen so we got some popcorn and some light up glasses and wands and such and sat there for awhile... and then we moved on to my favorite, mini golf. And then we just walked around a bit and got some pizza for those who needed it and finally called it a night. To bed we said!

We were hanging out on our balcony after the kids were down, which I might add is key, a balcony. We all send the husbands down the very first day and have them request to have the barriers opened so we can basically all have one big balcony! It makes the early nights with young kids so much more bearable! Anyways... Ash and Matt and I were hanging out there and had no intentions of staying up till midnight but when it got closer to 11:30 I convinced Ash that we had made it this far... we just had to go  up to the Lido deck and see the party. So that's what we did. 

We found my aunt and uncle a deck above and watched the insanity happening below. We made it to the countdown and then the noise! Oh the noise! The captain had the ship's horn going for a full minute. The cowbells! The noisemakers! The screaming! It was all quite fun actually and I'm just shocked no one below deck was woken up! What a way to ring in the New Year and the new decade! We even went down to the Lido deck and got a few glasses of champagne and listened to the DJ (The Reverend Dr. E, who sang this song each and every morning and a different rendition of it each. and. every. day.). It was fun! I'm too old for such things but still! Fun!