our final fun day at sea

Our final day at sea started off great! We went to bed the night prior expecting it to be a cold cold day so we were all so happy that it was warm! Enough to get the bathing suits on a final time! We took the kids to the water slides again and Letty even did the green one! As did I! Once was enough for me though!

We did the same thing as we did earlier in the week.... the kids had a later breakfast so we put them into camp figuring they wouldn't need lunch right away. And then the parents kicked back and relaxed! Although it was really short lived. By the time lunch arrived with it came rain and then a cold front. Bye  bye sun! Bye  bye warmth! I didn't get a proper goodbye and it was terrible. So we had to eat lunch inside before getting the kids. And David lost his second tooth! Lena and David both lost two teeth on this cruise! Which is wild. Good thing I brought the tooth for the Tooth Fairy. She had to fly some extra miles for them that's for sure!
Back in our room the kids were just relaxing and such while the parents were packing and such. If you don't want to carry your luggage off the boat you need to have it outside by 11 p.m. the night before so that is what we did. Platinum members also get three bags of laundry done for free on a cruise so you better believe I had them washing as much as I could fit in there! Packing done it was time for the Platinum and Diamond cruisers Cocktail Hour! This was my first time attending and it was pretty nice! Obviously the drinks are free... they hand out sushi and shrimp like it's going out of style.... And they had the entire senior management staff down there to greet everyone which sure is nice. All before our final dinner!
The deck hangs this night were soooooo freaking cold. My sister-in-law was the only one that took a photo. Not pictured? Matt and Colton and I completely wrapped up with towels all over us. Only our faces showed. Sort of not worth it. But it was the final night! I will not admit defeat!
So sad it is all done and over. I've been really enjoying writing these and reliving it all. The tan will fade but the memories will not! Thanks for following along on this journey with us! And thank you thank you so much  mom and dad for taking us all on this trip! We had a great time! Even with the bumps in the road!