nassau and blue lagoon island!

Guess what this private island has? Can you guess? A blue lagoon. That is coincidentally my most favorite of shades of blue. And! Dolphins!!!! But first... getting there! After this pretty sunrise!
Nassau had four (or five?) cruise ships docked there this day. Which meant crowds. Over ten thousand people descending on this city in just a single day. The crowds! We did a lot of waiting. A lot of shuffling in lines being pointed here and there. It was hot and there was no breeze... so that hour until we got ourselves onto the boat to take us to the island were pretty awful. My dad didn't say much... and the rest of us just tried to keep our kids from losing their minds. Once on the boat and out into the water things greatly improved. They played fun music (including Baby Shark) and they told us who owned what house.. Michael Jordan.. Oprah.. Etc.  Lifestyles of the rich and famous type. After about a half hour we got to the island! 

Even though we were at the meeting point well ahead of schedule there was already a ton of people at the island. We had to do some searching and walking until we found chairs and then got my sister and mother umbrellas... the water was nice and cool and almost completely flat and shallow. Letty could basically walk the entire width of the lagoon to that little beach seen in the picture below. We had lunch here too. Matt found a little beach on the opposite side that had some great snorkeling, right in the Caribbean! He eats that stuff up. I'm sure someday I'll see the photos he took!
My sister had heard that for the small fee of twenty bucks you could get a photo with a dolphin. Maybe even a dolphin kiss! As these are my favorite creatures I was super excited to do this! I have never been that close to a dolphin before! So we made our way over to the dolphin area only to be told that they can't do those photos this day becuase they are working back-to-back to accommodate all the people. Schade.
We got ourselves dressed once more for dinner and the kids got to have their photos taken with all these Dr. Seuss characters. We didn't buy any but my dad did sneak one shot of them with Sam I Am....
 And meanwhile my quarantined brother and his fam....
After dinner we went to the show which is my favorite even if it is hokey. It's all island and tropical type songs... you know, Margaritaville and all that.
My brother-in-law came up with the kind idea that they would stay on the balcony and watch our sleeping kids so that Matt and I could go out on a little date night. You know us and how we do that all the time! We got ourselves a drink and hung out on the lounge chairs looking at the stars  before getting a late night snack. I'm an animal on these cruises what can I say? I eat all the things. And you better believe I made my sister and brother-in-law go out the next night for their very own date night!