christmas day, the evening portion

Since the dawn of the Christmas Eve party Matt and I have taken to hosting Christmas Dinner. He cooks all day... I try to make the table look nice (I always feel like I'm Dorinda.... I MADE IT NICE!!!!).... And everyone comes to us. He makes quite a spread too! 

Our house isn't quite conducive to large gatherings of people opening presents so after a quick dinner clean up we headed to my parent's to open up all the gifts! The Secret Santa ones exchanged with my siblings and their kids and then my parent's gifts to the kids. And our gifts to them. My older brother is missing because well, he is off travelling the world or something like that. We miss you! But don't do that again! You promised!

The kids got more perfect gifts and the noise and the mess and the mayhem! I love it! We are a certain brand of crazy but I wouldn't have it any other way!

And just like that... the Christmas recaps are done with. Sniff.