a final beach day!

This day was much more organized! There was only one cruise ship at port which was huge. This was Freeport... The damage done to this island during the past hurricanes was something to see! Sad, of course! But to actually see it first  hand and not on the news was wild. They have done a lot obviously, but you can see they were hit hard. We got right on to a double decker open air bus and off we went! The driver was incredible informative but goodness did it feel like we were listing to the left the entire drive. No seat belts or windows oh my! My sister and I were a little anxious... and happy to get to the beach!

My dad had booked us the all inclusive beach getaway day... So all drinks and food were included. And they just brought them all the time. All the festive beachy fun drinks were had! There were tide pools to look in and shells to hunt for and waves to be jumped! My brother and his family stayed back at the boat because both girls had ear infections and Mikayla's ear drum had actually burst so sadly no swimming for her. Poor dears! Thank goodness for an infirmary on board!

After a few hours of all things beach we sadly headed back to the ship... the bus didn't seem to be listing nearly as much... perhaps it was the margaritas? I'll take it!

Back safely on board it was time to prepare ourselves for dinner! We had a few hours to kill first because we left Freeport at like one. But we are good at killing time. My sister took my nephew to the infirmary today because he too was just looking off and had a fever. Turns out he also had an ear infection. These poor babes! It was our last formal night too and the first night my brother and his family could join us for dinner! 
Oh and this is just for a visual, my sleeping arrangements for the week. My left shoulder is off the bed.