24 hours at the hershey lodge

You know me, when my kids have off school I want to do something. I want to make it special! I don't want to hear their fighting all day over a Minecraft avatar! So for last week's MLK day I thought hey! Let's try something I've heard about pretty much right in our back yard... the water park at Hershey Lodge. And literally the night before my brother-in-law and his family decided to also join us! We headed up after the gym on Sunday and were able to check in (and get our Hershey bars, naturally) right away even though our room wasn't ready yet... 
We got this Splash Package which meant the kids got a free meal, we all got free tickets to Hershey Gardens and the Hershey Story (which unfortunately had like a five day window before they expired), $20 arcade play card and two free beach towels. I think. Maybe I'm missing something. So we got our towels and then went to the Water Works and snatched a table right up. Probably not the wisest time to go there though, this holiday weekend. We weren't the only parents with the same idea.... So I would think it's not normally this crowded. And then the kids played!
It was a really nice water park! Not too big which meant that we could sit in one spot and see where our kids were at all times. They would report back and ask to go to a different area so we would know where to find them. There was enough to keep them occupied and they loved the big slide that went outside. And you'd think they would have worn themselves out but no... never! We got lunch right there in the water park which took forever as there was only one register open.... as in like I waited in line for 45 minutes forever. But the food was really good so, perk!
Come dinner we had planned on just eating at the hotel, they have a ton of restaurants in house but they were all so busy that we had to leave the property. We called a few places and even went to one and you guessed it: another wait. So we ended at Applebees. Schade. After dinner it was time for pajamas and then shortly after that: bed!
The next day was more of the same. We had to check out by 11 but that didn't mean we had to leave. We used the arcade card and the kids each got a little prize from the tickets they won. There was a fecal incident in their favorite area of the water park that shut it down for awhile and so between that and not wanting to wait in line for 45 minutes again for lunch we decided to head home. A quick 24 hour trip! 
We will definitely be back! Just maybe not on a holiday... and maybe with more provisions. I see you Sharon, with your enormous silver Yeti... I know that isn't water in there...