smile fearlessly + a giveaway

For years and years my dentist has been encouraging me to get myself an electric toothbrush. She said it would help my gums (among many other things but that was her particular reason for suggesting it to me, personally)... as some of us (ahem, me) tend to do we nod our heads and then go  home and go on living our lives... just to repeat the entire scenario in six months. Well a few years ago I decided I would finally pick one up at Target... the cheapest one I could find because apparently the health of my gums is at the bottom of my budget priority list. And it's been working... Nothing special about it. Vanilla, if you will.

When Smile Brilliant (do you remember them? They got my teeth all pearly white?) contacted me asking if I would be interested in checking out their cariPRO Ultrasonic electric toothbrush I was super excited! Not just your run-of-the-mill toothbrush here, no! And it even matches my bathroom color scheme so so well!

What else do I love about it? It has five different brush modes, my favorite are the massage and the sensitive settings, because my teeth are as neurotic as the mouth that wears them. It has a thirty day battery life which means I can take it with me on vacation unlike my old brush. It's way cuter and sleeker and easier to clean. I won't even show you my "before" toothbrush - it wasn't pretty. And what else!? A timer to let you know when you've done enough brushing! This is genius! And I say "timer" loosely... the toothbrush simple pauses for a second so you know it's time to move on to another quadrant of the mouth. 

Need to know more? Check out their FAQ page here.

the drive-in!

There is just something that screams summer about the drive-in right? There is to me anyways. We did this two summers ago and it was on my list for last summer too but we just never got around to it. It's sort of a big undertaking, driving about 45 minutes each way and then you have to be there super early to get that prime spot so basically it's like six hour time investment. So it was the last day of school and a gorgeous  night, not too hot and we thought okay, this is it! We do this right this very day or we just know we won't make it any other time.

We packed snacks. Oh the snacks. Bags and bags of snacks. Even a cooler this time! Because: provisions. The Secret Life of Pets 2 was playing first... of course we all knew we wouldn't make it to the second movie. We set up our little shop in our van complete with private potty station and the kids played with their iPads and read library books and of course: snacked. The movie started right at nine after the prettiest of sunsets and the kids were asleep by the time we hit the highway...

last day of first and second grade

The older they get the faster it goes by am I right? And then I went and put them in the same clothes from their first day to do like a side-by-side comparison and they just look the same and yet so different and the feelings that time passing brings! I officially (as of last Friday) have a second grade son and a third grade daughter!! How that is even a thing is beyond me. No thank you. But also thank you!! Healthy kids growing on up and being their happy but somewhat crazy selves? How lucky are we!?

end of year things...

June, and May to be in fact, are just this sprint to the finish line. Get all the things done in the shortest amount of time all while somehow feeding and bathing your kids and not forgetting their special snack or their lunch. Or their shoes. 

my beachy favs as of late, with formulate!

Oh it is beach season baby! We have ourselves a few beach weekends coming up this summer and we must be prepared for this! I got myself some new suits, including this black number that is an adventure in tan lines.... a new fun tassel cover up.... and new beach bag (because as a family of five one is never enough, never, never!!!) that just makes me feel like I am on a boat in Nantucket or some such thing. Just throw in a book and maybe some sunscreen for Letty and I am set! 

But let us not forget the beach hair. Beach hair is just like, the best hair. The salt water does something wonderful does it not? But as I am a charter member of The Dirty Hair Club, I do not get my hair wet at the beach. Or the pool. I create my own beach hair. Last September I shared with you all my new found love of Formulate. A company that makes good for you shampoo and conditioner, tailor made to fit you and your special hair needs.

So here I am, nine months in, and I'm still using the same bottles. I probably have only one more wash left before I run out so I was super happy to get replacements! 

our memorial day

As per tradition dictates we always head to Lititz to watch the little parade they have there on Memorial Day. We park at my brother's and the whole lot of us walk down there to wave our flags and clap at all the service men and women. Wave those flags kids. Wave em!

a sunday swim day

Sunday spin at the gym... and then Sunday brunch! Or as they are more commonly known in my family, a power breakfast. All the foods. We still had our visitors but this time it was Matt's turn to cook. After all of the eating some people went to the shooting range, some went off shopping, and some (us, always us) stayed and swam! And yes, Letty is in the same top from yesterday but when we learned they all had matching tanks I had to wash it for a photo!

a morning in lititz and an evening with family

We are the tradition that never ends! Every Saturday before Memorial Day we all take the kids to Lititz Springs Park for some play time for them and then we go to the Bullshead for some playtime for us. It's also my brother-in-law Colton's birthday weekend so it's sort of a thing. We cheers the Big C and hang out. In red, white and blue clothing.

the waterpark! and hershey!

You know me and my Memorial Day Weekends right? And if not, allow me to elaborate. All the activities. All the weekend long. All the patriotic wear.... annnnd go! Or I suppose I should say, andiamo!

So the kids had a half day on the Friday before Memorial Day and I took them straight from the bus stop to Hersheypark. We met up with my siblings and their kids too of course because we travel in packs. We are pack animals. We did a few quick rides before heading to the water park area. It was a season pass holder only event so we thought it wouldn't be so busy but it actually kind of was.... The kids still had fun though as they tend to do when water is involved.... and my head was spinning from the constant counting I do when I'm a solo parent and there are crowds.. 1, 2, 3... good. 1, 2, 3... good! 

strawberry season is upon us!

Oh this is such a thing I so love to do! All the fresh fruits all the summer long! I have it down to a science at this point, what fruit I can pick what month. I was so surprised when my local farm put up on their Facebook page that they were open for picking before Memorial Day... that hasn't happened in forever! I waited not so patiently for the kids to get off the bus before I whisked them off to pick up some fruit! Six quarts worth, to be exact. The boys were in to it for about five minutes before they moved on to more important things, like rocks. And staring at the watering pipe. Letty though is quite the helper and prides herself on finding the very reddest and bestest of berries.

a weekend of pool days

We just about had the best pool weekend two weekends ago! The weather was finally on board with us want to be Floridians! It was hot, the sun was shining (mostly) and we just had a wide open weekend to be filled up with all things pool! We invited over my siblings, Beth and her family making it on Saturday and Ash and the girls coming too on Sunday. My parents joined in on our shenanigans as well. Matt spent all of Saturday morning blowing up pool floaties from their winter hibernation and that just means, it's summer time people! It was just two solid days of squeals and splashing. With a lot of eating, oh all the foods! Oh and meet the newest float: Unikitty.

preschool: a year completed

It's a bit funny (or maybe the right word is ironic?) how the first child starting school is near earth-shattering... and then the second is like okay we know this drill and it's sad but I have a Dominator to contend with so I'll be okay and then the third comes along. I was sad when he started of course, marginally less sad than with David, but sad. I recovered faster though, I mean, two and a half hours twice a week is really like next to nothing... I know everyone and their mother is discussing this time warp thing but goodness. His first day was like yesterday! And then here we are his last day and I didn't even go to pick him up from school! Matt went because my van was in the shop. So I missed his last last day of his first year of school! Follow that logic? And it's okay. We are all okay.

the deck is ready for summer!

It is Memorial Day and for a whole lot of the country that means being outside... Doing that outside thang. BBQs and pools and family and friends, oh my! We spend so much time during the summer out on our deck and in our pool that getting it juuuust right is so important to us.

It took us a little bit this year to get her all gussied up for summer but we got it done just in time for a glorious weekend of sun a few weeks back! More on that later of course. It may or may not surprise you that I loathe our deck. I hate the color of it. It needs a few new boards here and there, and well, it could be a whole lot larger. Some day! So with that future goal in mind of enlarging and replacing said deck we decided we wouldn't stain it this year and instead opted for a new rug. As big as we could get rug. I also had to spray paint each and every chair as they rusted during their first and only summer. Don't trust the reviews people, those chairs are not outdoor friendly! We also got some new palm trees that are just so nice and big! I changed out what I put in the flower pots this year as well.... and my mama got me the most glorious succulent centerpiece that ever was!! I am obsessed with it and it is my precious.

You can see the deck last summer here. I always say final and that's always a joke right?

some bits of life from my camera roll...

The in between.... you know as in like, real life, everyday life. So to document!

The insane amount of laundry that I folded after twelve days away.//The first day back to Bodypump was.... ouch!//Our first weekend back from vacation our neighborhood had a yard sale... I didn't really sell but my friend came and set up shop along with a bunch of girls who wanted a lemonade stand. Matt made it and everyone brought something to sell and the girls made like $15 each! Lemonade stands are not what they used to be.//We mulched and decided to add another garden bed when we discovered we had far too much mulch.//Spent literally the entire day on day with these two beautiful women. It needed to be documented. From Race to lunch to setting  up for the yard sale to dinner to drinks to some of their kids staying for a sleepover I mean. It was a day of days.//Cinco de Cycle! Spin followed by drinks! We so festive.//The Food Truck Frenzy that started with rain and ended with an early bedtime for all.//Coffee date with a friend.//Playing with Olsen cousins in the mud and rain. And no ticks were found!//Aunt Beth took Dom out for some ice cream and an impromptu Happy Meal, the lucky duck!//The end of another hockey camp, love me those second graders! Almost third graders (staaaahp!)//The bigger kids had their end of year Carnival at school. With a side of friends and chaos!//Our first fire pit of the year with more friends! And s'mores!//Letty and I went to see her second cousin in High School Musical, the brainiac.//

spring blossom photo session

I know these photos were taken a little bit ago and you may or may not have seen them here or there  on the internets but it is my blog and this shoot must be documented. Not to mention I just love them so much and they turned out awesome!

Everyone should have a photographer in the family, in my opinion. Also of note would be an electrician, maybe a hairdresser, a mechanic, a pediatrician, a plumber.... The list goes on. We are very lucky to have my sister-in-law who is always up for a photo shoot with me and my five! She had some extra slots during one of her mini sessions before we left for Florida and I just snatched that right up! 

kicking off summer right!

Happy Memorial Day weekend!!! This is it! The start of it all! While school isn’t over, yet, I’m all things summer in my mind. The kids have a half day today and we are just chock full booked of fun all weekend long! You know me and the summer, the Summer of Yes! The Sandlot summer of your childhood! These are the things I want for my kids! I don’t know if I succeed, but I sure try! Dirty feet, chlorinated hair, late nights.... ahh what a dream, summer is!

Here is our summer bucket list (because one cannot have a Summer of Yes without a list that one can check off, now can one? Yes, I’m a Monica), which is pretty much just like other years. Meaning, all the things!! I also thought I’d throw some photos up here of the patriotic decor I’ve added around the house for summer just for fun!

And just think! Only eight and a half days of school left! Only eight more lunches!! Mama is doing a dance!

gretna glen field trip! again!

Wasn't I just here? How has year gone by already? These moments I've been having lately like wait... We just did this. But sadly we didn't just do anything... It has been a year. Twelve months have gone by and we are just doing it all over again, a year older. This field trip I was really dreading. Which I know, who am I? But I hate the dirt. And I knew David would be all about said dirt. I tried to get Matt to tag in for this one and he was like oh hell no so... It was me! I put David in clothes I cared nothing about and crossed my fingers! 

the first swim of the summer!

The water doesn't need to be warm in order to get my kids in their bathing suits and in the pool! We miss this pool all the winter long and my children are three little water bugs so it's all very wonderful and exciting when the pool is open for business. Even if it's cold. Which it was last week when they first got in there. Dom originally said he would wait for his siblings to get off the bus but he gave up on that and enjoyed some alone time in the pool... the slide all to himself.

race for education

I'm sad I am out of Disney things to write about.... I mean I really just dragged out the entire Florida vacation as long as I could am I right? But le sigh. It is done. One must move on.... To our first Friday back at school and back in the cold, dreary, icky, north.

If you've been around here for the past three years (wow!) you know that this is quite the beast of an event. The sheer amount of work that goes into this thing is just well... beastly. I do what little I can... but it's still like next to nothing. I think the kids raised something like $27,000 for their PTO and all those PTO sponsored events so.... well done!

One thing I do make sure to do is well, be there. I like to be a lap marker. I had to pick between K-1 and 2-4 so since I am pretty weighted on the Letty side with involvement I chose David this time. She was most put out by this but I am going for fairness here. The grass was wet and it was chilly. Not ideal conditions. The kids came out... the kids went back... the moms shivered and drank spiced chai... and then the kids came back out! Drizzle or not they were running!

a morning swim + floridian friend!

You may be wondering... hey Laur? Where is your Floridian Friend, Kerri? Unfortunately our final morning in Disney was the only time that I knew where I'd be and for enough time for her to come and join me. As you have seen these past few weeks we went from sun up to sun down and everywhere in between... Hopping parks and back again. It was a bummer that I couldn't meet up with her sooner! Truly! But she came over bright and early to spend as much time with us as she could before we headed north, tears in my eyes. The kids swam and we just chatted and I soaked up more of that Floridian sun whilst I could.... Eventually we got lunch and all knew what that meant... departure....

final epcot + infamous photo shoot + hollywood studios

I figured let's start this post off with a bang. If any of you readers are friends with any of the people on this trip on the Facebook then you may have seen the video.... Let's just say in my notes from this day I wrote (pardon my French) "shit show" next to "got a photo of kids with Nonna and Pop." How hard can it be? There are only seven of them. Their grandparents gave them this wonderful trip! They had snacks! Promises of snacks! It. Was. Awful. But you'd never know it from this photo would you?

final epcot day + princesses

My sister and I had a plan with this day. Early breakfast in Epcot before the park opens in the hopes that after we eat we can ride Frozen and Test Track, since we didn't get Fastpasses for them. It's back to that whole you can only pick one of these three and well, Soarin was the one we picked. Anyways that was the logic behind a breakfast buffet meal. With princesses! Lots of them! We ate at Akershus (gesundheit) Royal Banquet Hall in the Norway Pavilion. I was a tad nervous about the food because well, Norway. But I was pleasantly surprised. Lots of options for us all! We met Belle right at the door in her pretty  yellow dress, as well as Snow White, Cinderella and Ariel! They also had a princess parade type thing and the kids all got up and joined in on that. It was such a magical breakfast for the kids! Well worth it! Today was also the day the kiddos wore their matching shirts that my parents got for them all! Love matching!

magic kingdom again + fireworks

Wild horses can't keep us away. We had dinner reservations at The Crystal Palace, which is a character dining experience plus also a buffet. My kids never really watched Winnie the Pooh which is a travesty in and of itself but they have however seen Christopher Robin. Which is just such a cute movie! So they were more excited this time around. Even if Letty was like ahem mom, the gray guy who is sad all the time should be on all fours and the pig is much much smaller than that. This is why I know they are humans in costumes. Yet she still lit up with each and every meet and greet so fine if she knows the truth.

magic kingdom + epcot

We got to Magic Kingdom a little bit earlier than we did earlier in the week in hopes to get some of the little kid rides taken care of before the crowds arrived. Tinkerbell claimed to have a 15 minute wait that may or may not have been longer... but we wanted to meet her so we waited just the same. She asked Dom about his Slug Slime that he uses for his hair, as she does the same. So now we call his hair gel Slug Slime. They also told her that their daddy has a Tinker Talent. But first are the sunrise run photos getting old? No, right?

epcot + mickey and friends

My sister was just on a mission this day. My kind of Beth! She saw the lines weren't so bad over at Epcot and well since we can just mosey on over there we should just go do that. This was Rob and Ashley's wedding anniversary so they wanted to do their own thing after dinner and my parents helped by watching the girls for them. So it was just the Sauders and Olsens. On. A. Mission!

hollywood studios + some pool time

Hollywood Studios has some of my favorite thrill rides! Tower of Terror and the Rock n' Rollercoaster are just where it's at! With the opening of Toy Story Land we were really hoping to get Fastpasses for one of those new rides but alas, it was not in the cards for us. Even if I gave up one of those aforementioned thrill rides, they were just that booked out. So. My sister was like, let's do this! Let's take the kids at rope drop and make a mad dash and do our best to get those triplets on the one ride they really just wanted, Slinky Dog Dash. And news flash: we made it. The line was completely out of the regular like line area and wrapped around the outside... it did not look good. But I think we only waited like 40 minutes maybe? Maybe even a half hour. The line behind us got up to over two hours so so fast so... We figured we were so lucky. Such a fun ride too! Definitely worth that wait I'd say. The line area is themed so fun and the kids just ate it all up!

epcot + fireworks

Hard to believe that we are still on the same day as yesterday but that is just how we rolled in Disney. Pack it all in and get it all done and all of it. All of the time. As I said after our early dinner we had some calories and time to burn so we Monorailed ourselves over to Epcot. Where there were flowers! Naturally. It being spring and all. All the flowers!

magic kingdom + o'hana

My dad gets us the Park Hopper passes and I mean, we've used them sure, going into two parks in a day here and there but this trip? Oh did we get the money's worth out that option. This day was the first example of such madness. We started our day at Magic Kingdom. But not before going out for a quick run and mailing postcards to the kid's classes and also homework. Journal it all kids! 

off to disney we go! first up: animal kingdom!

What's that saying about the rolling stone and moss? Well however it goes we are sure that rolling stone. We got up bright and early and loaded into the most packed MV I have ever seen and started our two plus hour trip to the great Walt Disney World!

our easter at the beach

This was our last day in West Palm Beach and as I'm sure you can imagine the day started with a run. My brother joined my sister and I for a sunrise run along the beach... with about a thousand other people in their Easter finest... .listening to a worship service. We saw the sun rise and then headed north for a quick run....

easter eve take two

I might just be over here reminiscing of our Floridian trip until school gets out. Would that be so bad? No I think not...

Once the epic egg hunt and all other festivities wrapped up we all got changed and headed to the club pool. I could just move in there if I'm being honest. Well that and if I won the lottery. The pineapple vodka drinks were flowing and there was family everywhere and the sun was out in full force! It was amazing. I'm pretty sure I only left the pool to get Chapstick and then back I went. We spent the entire afternoon hanging out and laughing and maybe some of us getting a little too much sun... 

As we were walking out to get ready for dinner my cousin Nick threw his mother in the pool which oh so gave me flashbacks of his own father and our other uncles chucking my grandma into her pool when I was a kid... That's a thing Trovato men do I guess... throw their mothers in the pool.

an easter egg hunt!

My aunt had quite the itinerary planned for our visit and first things first on our Saturday morning, an egg hunt! And not just an egg hunt, but a magic show and then and egg hunt! Plus much much more! The magician was a tad hokey but my kids were absolutely eating it up, the cornier the better! I'm pretty sure the joy and admiration on their faces never left. 

our good friday

I started my Good Friday off with a sunrise run with my sister.. which is the best way to start any day if you ask me. Coffee, cardio, and the sky. It wasn't the best sky I've ever seen but it still so pretty. Once everyone was up for the day we had breakfast at the hotel and then let the kids swim. It was overcast and it eventually started to rain but that doesn't stop these kiddos!

as we arrive in west palm beach

Now the reason for this destination is: family. My uncle has a house down there and his wife and their four kids and their people Easter there every year. We did this once before, but as tax season rarely falls before Easter (and my CPA sister is needed as are my mom and I and our childcare services) we haven't been there in quite some time. Since Dom was on the inside as a matter of fact.

There were a few bumps along the road for some of my extended family that left us down an uncle as well as later flights than they originally planned. So. The day we arrived we just relaxed by the pool because my kids are fishes and it was hot and there was sun and palm trees. Yes, West Palm Beach has palm trees! The pool also had a shelf that my kids found to be absolutely fantastic. I also got a quick run in as I tend to do. It's not our gym at home but it's something. Right?

and we are back!

From what felt like the longest vacation ever! What day is it? Does Matt even have a job? What does our house even look like? Twelve days is absolutely no joke. The planning. The packing. The sheer logistics of it can make one's head spin....

My five and my parents decided to drive down to Florida so that meant we left before the sun (as in 3:30 am) on a Wednesday and drove to Savannah, where we spent the night. We stop every three hours or so and stretch our legs and it just works out for us. The drive down is so much easier because well, there are palm trees to look forward to!

My father rented us this little beauty which we lovingly referred to as the Menno Van. It's a local thing, I am sure. The reason we did this is so that when everyone arrived at our first destination of West Palm Beach we would have transportation for them. And also for when we headed to Disney. So we had all of the car seats in all of the land. Just in case you were wondering why a family of five would need a fifteen passenger van.... My parents refuse to ride down with us and I'll let you imagine as to the why.

happy easter!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend! Whatever you may be doing, whether it's laying in the sun soaking up all that vitamin d, staring at every palm tree with heart eyes, swimming... oh wait that's me.... 

However you celebrate, Happy Easter from my three bunnies!


easter festivities at home

Last weekend we thought we would throw in all the festive Easter-ness before we headed south for the actual holiday! My niece Mikayla was recovering from being under the weather so it was just my sister and her family and me and mine and my parents. I made my Easter Sicilian soup and mom cooked and we did all the things. In all the lands.

a second grade field trip

Last Friday I had the pleasure of being a chaperone with Letty's class as they headed to The Hershey Story Museum thing and also Chocolate World. I told you I live in Hershey now. It was a full day affair, starting with that long and loud bus ride up there. Letty wanted to sit with her friends so I mean, rude. Guess that ship has sailed. Sniff. 

hersheypark in the spring!

Hersheypark opened their doors for the first time of the year the first weekend of this month and the weather could not have been kinder! Sunny and warm, almost 70 degrees! We all made it a point to get up there.... right after the bunny. 

We did something we have never done before, get the kids measured at the official measuring station. They were just really in to it. I think David was already a Hershey Bar but he seemed to think this was a new thing and was just so friggin excited about it. Mikayla bumped up herself which I mean, of the triplets she is the tallest. Lena and Dom are just hanging on to their Kiss status by a thread. This summer, for sure.
 Ashley and I took the Mikayla and the bigger kids on her first ever Comet ride. It's an old wooden rollercoaster that's been around forever and a day. She was not very impressed. She didn't cry, but love it she did not. The kids hit up a ton of the kiddie rides in between the thrill rides too of course. And David! He's the big man now! He actually went on the big scary tower with his Uncle Colton not once, but twice. He's going to love Disney this year I know it! No more crying on Spaceship Earth for him, no! This was such a good first trip to Hersheypark for the year!

the easter bunny, chocolate style!

This post could alternatively be titled with: I live in Hershey now. I went twice over the weekend and I go again tomorrow for a field trip... So. 

Last weekend we gathered up all the cousins and headed up to Chocolate World where they have a nice bunny set up and you can take all the photos with him that you want. Everyone did so well! Although I do love a good crying baby photo situation.... it just makes me giggle. Harrison did a little bit of that but then got it together for the photo.... And as always we got one of all seven kiddos with him!

disney memory lane

Disney Disney Disney is the name of the game around here these days and so what better way to further the excitement than to look back on past year's trips? I'll forego the ones from you know, my childhood. And I'll skip the trip Matt and I took as newlyweds before kids made us all old and haggard.... It's a big 'un, I'll warn you. And the more kids that join the group the more photos taken!

Starting with Letty's very first trip in 2011! She was the only child in the family and soaked up everyone's attention. Rob didn't join us this trip but we had John! It rained and my dad spent thousands on ponchos.

celebrating 100 years of magic!

With Disney on Ice of course. What a great way to gear up for Disney next week than with taking the kids to see this show, right? We get club seats which is just amazing. Cushier seats, more room, your very own Club bathrooms and Club bar and Club food. No waiting in long lines for us! This time we got six tickets and so we decided to take my niece Lena with us (next time, Mikayla!). The kids all donned their Disney wear.... that I had to unpack because well, whoops. We got ourselves settled with popcorn just in time for the show to start!

go team usa!

We feel very lucky to have the U.S. Women's National Field Hockey Team based out of our very own gym. That's right. Our gym. A friend of mine texted me two Sundays ago and asked if Letty and I wanted to join her and her daughter to watch a game that very same night. And we heartily agreed. Tickets were purchased. Red, white and blue was donned, and flags were found! Off we went!

a bit of a scroll through my camera roll

Here's a glimpse into what we have been up to lately, as told by my camera roll... Which desperately needs to be cleaned out before heading south here in a few days...

We have been getting outside every single chance we get! Must enjoy the sun while we can!

so what's new with you?

It's April!! We are almost to warmer weather please and thank you! It cannot come soon enough! We had ourselves a little bit of a tease this past Saturday and it was phenomenal! Please come back!

the kid's easter baskets, disney style

We are going to be celebrating Easter on our upcoming Floridian trip (we will be in West Palm Beach day of) which poses all sorts of difficulties when it comes to Mister E.B. himself... I pulled this off once before and it worked because well, childish innocence... I feel like the bigger two kids are on the brink of discovering that all of these characters are really just their parents pretending. David more so than Letty.  So. I really need to pull this off. Five of us in one hotel room? I may have to set an alarm and do it at like.... five am. Maybe four. 

But the super fun part of celebrating Easter whilst in Florida before one heads to Disney is that I can theme the baskets! I love a good theme! I really didn't want to get them a bunch of crap that they really don't need so I tried to stick to things that would be really great for them to have when they hit Disney the following day. And I did go to the Dollar Tree and get cheapo baskets that can easily fit into one another, saving me major space. Packing for ten days is a daunting task....

an update to the o

Just another little project of that Handy Matty...

I found this O on clearance like ages ago and it's held it's place of honor in our foyer ever since. But I just decided I wanted it to be more substantial. So I asked Matt to build a back for it and include three hooks so I could hang stuff off of said hooks. Yes I know, like I need more stuff. But the hanging planter from the Dollar Spot was just so cutte!

disney countdown chain. it's on.

The kids requested this, not I. We typically do some sort of countdown before each Disney trip... a chain like this, or a hidden Mickey with an activity... but something is done. As we are leaving here shortly for Walt Disney World (and West Palm Beach but let's not confuse them) I had to whip up a bunch of activities or what have you for each day of The Great Disney Countdown Chain (!). I think this will be much more fun now that the kids are older and can actually participate other than like "a baba a bee bee." Anyone been around here that long that you remember that was Letty's go to phrase? Still don't know what she was saying....

I digress.