who dominic is at 5 years

I’m at a point in my life where I find it increasingly hard to believe that the baby of my family is turning five (this Sunday). He will head to kindergarten next fall... I mean what is that!? We no longer have a diaper bag or are required in the bathroom (mostly). Our children are far more self sufficient than we give them credit for. So while I mourn the loss of babyhood I do love the perks. The silver linings. My kids can get themselves dressed and fed and help out around the house? What is this???

So Dominic. Who are you are five? As in the past there are two of you... The At School Dominic and the At Home Dominic. The one away from us is kind and good, respectful and follows directions, I have heard him described as "mellow" which I mean I laughed right in her face... The Dom away from us certainly does not throw himself on the ground at the first hint of something not going your way. No no. A sock that isn’t on quite right.  A lego that won’t come detached from another. The tiny bite of taco meat we ask you to eat before getting pizza. Who knows what sets The Dominator off. But it’s always something. And normally something minor.

The babies get away with it all don't they? They can smile and hug you and give you kisses and say oh mommy you are the best mommy and I love you and all manner of sins are forgiven.  Or at the least, temporarily forgotten.

Besides all the temper issues Dom is doing well in school! I was worried he was more like his sister academically than his brother but I think he is good... He’s learning all his letters and their sounds and write his letters. And his entire full name (meaning Dominic, not just Dom)!!! He remembers names and stories to tell me. He loves his teacher. He seems to be a middle ground between Letty and David, just adding in a temper that could burn the world down.  He eats some of the time. That in and of itself is huge.

His favorites could change almost daily... Legos and Batman (Lego Batman being the ultimate). Imaginext (again, Batman) and dinosaurs. All things Star Wars. Cuddles. Playing video games. He’s the cutest thing to watch as he methodically goes around the basement turning off all that equipment. I can barely figure out how to put on a dvd let alone the projector, Xbox, sound system thing whatever. But he does it. He makes his bed and turns off his sound machine. Sometimes when he is feeling particularly brown nosey he will just decide to organize things. And then proudly show them off.

But other times he is like this...

Oh Dom... you are a conundrum. But you’ll always be my baby! You know that country song? "That one’s kinda crazy.... but that one is my baby..." Heaven help us I used to really like country music. Anyways.

We love you Dominic! My Christmas baby! Happy fifth birthday to you!! This is a big year for you and I just know it’ll be great!! We love you to the moon and back!