we went to the big city and we took a train!

This past Saturday myself and Letty, along with the women in our family (minus Audrey, because: too young) all headed to New York City to see, among other things, The Rockette's Christmas Spectacular! My parents treated us all to this day and we have all been looking forward to it for months and months! And it finally came! Thankfully the weather was good and everyone was healthy! One just never knows during flu season am I right? He splurged and got us all train tickets so all we had to do was drive 20 minutes to the train station and then just sit and put our feet up for the next three hours, only to disembark in Penn Station! 

There was a very nice conductor who gave the girls an activity book and a paper conductor hat to help pass the time. As if riding a train isn't exciting enough! Which it totally is. The train was sold out so we weren't able to sit close enough to really have conversations but the time flew by just the same.
More tomorrow! Naturally!