we went to the big city and we saw the rockettes!

Once we arrived in New York we got ourselves above ground of course... We headed through Times Square on our way to The Show... even catching a glimpse of the ball for New Year's Eve! We wanted to get a quick bite to eat before the show so we just popped in to Chick-fil-a.... and then we went right to Radio City Music Hall. Our tickets were checked, our bags were checked, the bathrooms were visited (such fun retro bathrooms right? Although they need more of them, desperately) and then we got settled in in our mezzanine seats. There were six seats directly by the balcony railing so we got them and then my mom was right behind us. We thought this would be best so the girls would have an unobstructed view. Which of course, they did. I got some wine and some popcorn and we were ready! 

I love this show just so very much! The Toy Soldier song is one of my favorites and has been for years. I am mesmerized by the synchronization to be honest. Ah to be a Rockette! Letty had heart eyes and loved how it was like full immersion.... lights and such all over the huge ceiling! And the costumes! Oh give that girl a sparkly sequined dress! It was such a magical experience for them all and I am so glad that we got to go! Thank you so much to Nonna and Poppop!