tiny town at christmas

Is just the very best kind of Tiny Town. This little indoor village is just adorable at Christmas. We try and take the little kids every December just because it is so festive! It is fun for the kids any time of year of course I just personally like it most around Christmas. Normally they have tons of greens and bows and lights but this year they changed it to a Gingerbread Village. Candy and cupcakes and all things sweet! Every building got a facelift and I had so much fun walking around and checking it all out! This is probably my final year going actually... since next year all my children will be in school all the week long and well that just made me feel all sorts of forlorn. So do not dwell Laurie!

This day was a little busier than normal due to a kindergarten field trip... which meant that we had to interfere a little more than I would prefer... some of those kindergarten boys were just down right rude! It's a dog eat dog world out there I guess! The staff did tell us that next time we should alert a staff member and they would take care of it for us which is good to know! But that aside the kids ran around and pretended and played for two whole hours before us moms were shot. Cousins are just built in friends for life! 

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