the nutcracker!

Look at me all posting on a rainy and bleak Tuesday evening... but alas! I'm just getting to a real computer and catching up on the goings on around here! And it's like, the busy season. So there is a lot to catch up on.

Last weekend a few of the Girl Scouts from our new troop got tickets to see The Nutcracker at a local high school.... I've never seen it before and really wasn't sure what to expect... seeing as the movie version that Letty watches all the time is well, a movie. You know, with words. This was not like that. This was all dance. Music and dance. No words. Letty ate up all the beautiful costumes and raved over the ages of the little girls dancing. She loved it. As I knew she would. Beforehand the girls and their mamas all went out to lunch, making it quite the fun little Saturday afternoon for us all!

And did you all know that it's a rule to dress up to see The Nutcracker? I did not. Thankfully I have friends who know such things. And can someone please explain to me what is up with the creepy guy with the eye patch? There's something about him that just doesn't sit right with me. Thanks.