our thanskgiving day

We travel quite far on our Thanksgiving day.... just shy of four miles to our north, to my parent's house. Each and every year since the beginning of time. The kids play fight and hang with their cousins, Matt and my mom cook, and the rest of us just sort of wait around for all the eating to begin, which it does as soon as my uncle and his family arrive in from New York... bearing all the meats and  the cheeses. The foods. My dad's sister and her family came down this year as well so we had quite the group going! Twenty-seven of us I think if my counting serves me right? My uncle goes right to work on the cold cut bread too which is what I am here for. All the antipasto is my thing. The rest of the meal I can just leave but the goods from Long Island? Nope. 

As per the usual a lot of these photos are my sister-in-law's.


As per tradition, our elf arrives sometime after dinner. The kids are asking quite a lot of questions about him but that Letty of mine is a firm believer in all things Christmas. That "its Christmas Magic" thing has been used to explain all  number of queries. Hanging on by a thread over here, that is for sure. Our elf brings the kids their matching pajamas that miracle upon miracles also were the same pajamas my nieces and nephew got! Can you imagine that?! Christmas. Magic.
How about you all? Did you have a lovely Thanksgiving? I need to stop eating now. I have a cruise coming up and I am so not bathing suit ready!

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