our thanksgiving break

I typically like to just book up our time off of school with all of the things in all of the land. Make the most out of it you know? This break was sort of an exception for me. There was a lot of days at home with nothing to do and the kids just playing... not a ton of big evening plans out or anything... Who am I?! But what we did do was eat. A ton of that! Which makes sense because ya know, Thanksgiving break.

Break started with a half day and typically we go out to lunch but this year I had scheduled all the kid's conferences for that afternoon. My mom watched the boys and they played in the leaves and had just the very best time while Letty went with us to school. She had to lead her own conference which was interesting but good. Then she had tutoring... so I treated her to Panera on our way there.

Then we had my brother and sister-in-law over for Taco Tuesday! Including the first every viewing (on our end) of Elf the Musical. And accidental matching jammies!
Wednesday was very laid back by my standards. I went to the gym and then the cupcake thing I previously spoke of.... The kids and I picked up some books at the library too. Then I just did stuff around the house, washed the sheets and cleaned and so on. The kids wanted a game night and so that is what we did heaven help us. And my parents and sister came over after dinner bearing the gift of delicious donuts! And Nera fell asleep on me like this and I totally feel her after a game night...
Thursday was ya know, the reason the kids had off school to begin with. Our gym always has different group fitness classes on the holidays so I did an hour long spin class. Which was like, a lot. 
Friday we had ourselves a power breakfast. Typically we host it at our house but Matt was pretty sure he was going to get a claim and have to work and well, he was right. So my brother and sister-in-law hosted this year! Just continuing on with the eating. The week of eating if I am being honest. We had friends over then that night and just did a whole bunch of apps.
Saturday was Letty's final field hockey session of the year.  Matt was at a Penn State game all day so it was me and all the kids. After hockey a few of the moms went out for coffee and a sweet treat. And since Matt wasn't home I figured why not go out to lunch and so we hit up Arby's. Saturday evening my parents brought over Chinese for the lot of us as well as my sister and her family. We all watched Polar Express after dinner. Gotta get these holiday movies in! 
Sunday was just a lazy and cold day at home. I don't think the kids got out of their pajamas until like  3:30 in the afternoon. And only then because we had plans at my parents for dinner. My aunt and uncle were in from Arizona so we all met up to catch up with them. Here's a wonderful photo I took. Like, the only one from the entire day.
Monday I finally got myself back to the gym. I hadn't gone since Thanksgiving so... gasp! The kids stayed home with Matt and did more of the aforementioned relaxing and so on. Just hanging out. Who am I?? We returned some books to the library and then had hot chocolate and played some board games. I read a bit... I'm telling you, big stuff. And then our dinner plans changed so we invited some friends over for dinner and a play date before turning in for the night.
So there it is. A whole lot of eating and relaxing and just enjoying not being on a schedule. That schedule came right back on Tuesday with a vengeance. As it does.  How was everyone's break?