our christmas eve

As per tradition my parents always host a party on Christmas Eve. They let each of us kids invite people that are near and dear to us which is just so great! Friends and family all together on Christmas Eve?! The best! There is tons of good food and lots of good drinks and it's just a merry good time! This year after a little convincing my parents hired babysitters to hang out in the basement with the kids and you know, keep the peace? It was soooo great to not have to worry! And all the parents were able to hang out on the main floor! Matt was especially excited about this new addition!

Of course a great many of these photos are my sister-in-law's.

And just like last year we had a magical little visit from the big man himself! He is just the best Santa! He sat with each kid and took any photos requested and even requested some himself! He finished his visit by reading Twas the Night Before Christmas with Mrs. Claus and then heading on to finish delivering presents! The kids just love him and it really adds something I think, to have Santa just come and hang out! These lucky kids!
The party wrapped up and then we took the kids home to do all the things. Reindeer food. Check. Milk and cookies. Check. And then straight to bed we said because Daddy had some assembling to do and I had some boxes of gifts to carry on down!
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