kid’s ornament painting day and pop’s birthday

We always do ornaments each and every year and have since the dawn of my memory... This year the adults bowed out though and it was all on the kids. They need separate ornaments and our assistance anyways so... made sense!

Nonna picked up these ornaments that the kids could just paint however which way they saw fit, numerous paint changes and brush washes encouraged! The need to control their choices runs strong with me but I chose to look away and focus on said brush washing. They took days and days to dry and my most favorite and warmest of winter coats almost died because of them but! Worth it!

We were all getting together to celebrate my dad's birthday as well! Not that I have any photos of that but we did! And since it was the final time this year that the entire family was going to be together you know what that means! Annual siblings in front of the tree photo like it's 1990!!!
Past year's ornament nights here, herehereherehere and here! The photos from 2016 still make me cry laughing.... Always a classic, that one.