gingerbread house night

For many a year, most likely something around eight years now, we have done gingerbread houses with our old neighbors. Usually Steph hosts because she is the fun parent and also a teacher and just knows all the cool things. Last year we just couldn't seem to find a time in our busy schedules to make it work but this year we were back together in full force! Except, I hosted and just used purchased gingerbread house kits... I know, I know, not nearly as fun as Aunt Steph but, baby steps! And I neglected to put down a tablecloth so you can imagine the state my kitchen table was in by the end of the evening. And and and! Coincidentally, this exact night five years prior we were doing the very same thing with the very same people! I just had a Dom on in the inside instead of the outside!

It's chaotic and loud, Dom threw fits, and there was just a ton of icing licked off of fingers. Hanging out like this reminds me of all the good memories we made over on Hillcrest and I miss them so! 

Dom got to open up his first birthday gift of the weekend and we all exchanged Christmas gifts too! All the festiveness! We love you Fitzs! 
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