dominic's fifth birthday party

I just love how for the kid's birthdays people ask if we are having a party and I say, "no, we are just having family over for dinner and cake" yet it ends up being something like almost twenty people and well my friends, that sure is a party! 

Dom decided he wanted a Lego theme... which as we know is just paper products really. My cake lady went and had a baby (newborn cuddles, rude) so instead of finding a new cake lady I decided to finally try and make my own birthday cake for the kid. The baking part is fine but the decorating part is.... meh. In case you are wondering what's wrong with his cake.

After dinner is the gift opening of course! Dom got so many fun things and everyone knows him so well! The kid is so spoiled rotten! He got everything he wanted and then some! Notice the Pumpkin King just casually hanging out in a lot of these shots....Dom just loves his Jackie. I love how all the kids crowd around him as he opens gifts all to get a peak! 
Then we had the aforementioned cake of course, with singing! Thanks so much to everyone for coming over and celebrating this man as he turns FIVE. What. In. The.... I know the holiday season is always so nuts so I'm glad this man got his own special evening, just for him. You know because as the baby, he rarely gets any attention. Wink wink.