christmas morn

Hey hey it's New Year's Eve! Hope everyone will have themselves quite the little fun time tonight! Or just going to bed at normal time, you know, whatever floats your boat. Which is where we are, on a boat. What a way to spend the final day of 2019! A new decade coming our way! How exciting!

I must go back to last week thought when after only four hours of sleep Letty decided to wake up and shut the doors. Then shut more doors. All in a vain effort to wake up her brothers. She only succeeded in waking her dad and I up. So anyways we let the boys sleep in till 7:30 and then let her wake them (quite rudely I mean) for them to immediately hurry up and come downstairs for gifts! They just sat there kind of stunned for a few minutes blinking at the tree... the poor boys! I love sleep too!

They did eventually tear into their gifts with gusto and I think Santa pretty much nailed it. Each kid got what they asked for, a camera for Letty, an Echo Dot for David and a scooter for Dom. They each got some things to use for the new pool which is super exciting and what I am living for these days (after the cruise, of course). Lots of Legos later and it was done! 

Normally we go to my parent's house for breakfast followed by gifts but we broke with tradition this year (gasp!) and cancelled that. My sister had those local to this town over for a breakfast which was nice! We got to see all the goodies the Sauder kiddos got! And I got to have my favorite, yogurt and fruit and raspberries!!
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