annual cookie baking day!

Happy happy Christmas Eve!!! We are just so excited to celebrate tonight with friends and family! Tonight is like... The. Big. Show. Can you name that movie? Anyways as part of prep for tonight we always have to bake a whole bunch of cookies!

And as we tend to do my sister and mother and Lena and Letty get together to be sure that we are fully stocked in the Christmas Cookie department for their party! We went straight from school to Nonna's and got right down to it! Matt took the boys downstairs to just take the crazy down a notch. We made so many types and I lost count as to how many dozen but we did it! We got it all done in an afternoon! Which is no small feat!

And okay so I let the boys decorate one cookie each. They just aren't all about aesthetics. 

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I hope it is lovely!

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